2. Industrial packaging
2. Industrial packaging

2. Industrial packaging

Due to its versatility, polyethylene packaging is widely used in a wide range of industries, including food, electronics, woodworking, light industry, agriculture and many others. They are used for packaging, covering and protection from dust or other unwanted materials. 

Polyethylene film can be produced with a variety of additives that enhance the desired and beneficial property of the film or compensate for a deficiency without compromising its good properties. Depending on the customer’s requirements, possible additives include:

  • Various slippage additives which make the film more or less slippery;
  • Elasticity additives, which make the film more stretchable, thus giving more elasticity;
  • Strength additives, which allow a thinner film to be used while maintaining the strength of a thicker film;
  • Colour additives, which allow the film to be made in the desired colour;
  • UV stabilisers to protect the product from direct sunlight;
  • Special anti-static additives that protect the packaged product from electrostatic discharge.

Polyethylene packaging is supplied according to individual customer orders, and each bale can be additionally packed with flexographic printing and various perforations so that it would certainly meet all your wishes and requirements.


A wide range of packaging options, a large variety of materials, multi-layer film, and flexographic printing with up to 8 colours will allow us to meet even your most demanding packaging requirements.